Wong & Ouyang (Civil-Structural Engineering) Ltd

Your Structure, our consultancy

Company Profile

Wong & Ouyang (Civil-Structural Engineering) Ltd is a professional civil, structural and geotechnical engineering design consultant firm. Constantly striving for excellence in structural and civil engineering designs, it is the first engineering firm in Hong Kong to use composite steel decks, top down construction techniques and curtain wall systems in the private building sector. The firm, previously the Structural Department of Wong & Ouyang (HK) Ltd, was incorporated in 1989 as a subsidiary of Wong & Ouyang (HK) Ltd.

Our Goal

It is simple. As Structural Consultant, we aim to achieve the best design with the client's requirements in the form of functionality, sustainability, and constructability. We are well aware of the latest building trends and technologies through research, contacts with overseas offices and associates. We keep a high priority in the communication and understanding within the design process to optimize overall project performance and efficiency.